The oxygen mask approach is a holistic 3-step process to inspire, engage and activate the best out of your employees and teams.


To create happier and more progressive organizations through activating individual purpose, team connection and a kinder culture.

We call this the Oxygen Mask Approach.

In case of an emergency, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling.

Please put yours on first before helping others.


We utilize EXAMPLE, EDUCATION, OPPORTUNITY, INCLUSION & ACCESS as an integrative learning model:

Step 1


(as seen in Keynote package)

Inspiration is the catalyst for motivation, positive action & cultural change.

Step 2


(as seen in Workshop package)

When learning to ride a bike, there comes a point where you simply have to jump on and try. With training wheels attached, the 100things workshop now puts the individual in the saddle.

Step 3 



Employing our 3-Stage Pledge, we leverage teamwork, collaboration and compassion to achieve meaningful individual and organizational goals.

Step 4



The hand of kindness extends into the greater community as we offer the ultimate community volunteering day to support your CSR programming and staff volunteering hours. 

100things provides the platform to empower individuals so that they can contribute to their teams and the greater organizational good.


Empowered Individuals

When your individuals are able to identify their values, set meaningful goals and in turn understand their why, they become infinitely more creative, driven, resourceful and impassioned about what they do and who they do it with. They become unstoppable.

Connected Teams

When this mindset is understood on a personal level, individuals grow in a way that allows them to appreciate and understand the same aspects in others, within the workplace. With this personal growth and the development of emotional intelligence, compassion and support sparks healthy community connection.

Kinder Culture

Within your professional environment, purpose-driven individuals will not only contribute to, but will help build from the ground up, a progressive company culture that creates, nurtures and utilizes the shared visions of the organization and it’s individuals as a fuel for its success.​

Please request the full Oxygen Mask Approach deck to see how it can integrate into your organization.

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