Designed to advance keynote messaging by way of art, play and interaction, the 100 Things & Kindsum activations allow individuals and teams to start their own journeys by expressing themselves in a safe, dynamic and engaging way:

100 Things ‘Create Your List’ Workshop

Bringing together your team via a custom designed deep-dive session, delegates will be guided through Sebastian’s unique list-creation process, allowing them to craft their very own lists as they identify major goals in their work and personal worlds. 


With dynamic and interactive elements that explore personal values, the process of achieving, and a final challenge that allows individuals to take action on one particular goal within the session, the 100 Things List Creation Workshop is powerful, everlasting and action-focused.

100 Things Dream Wall

Acting as an interactive art installation, the Dream Wall encourages staff to share their dreams & goals on a giant canvas that poses one simple question; ‘What’s on your list?’.


Not just a beautiful point of interest within any event space or office, the Dreamwall acts a beautiful reflection into the hopes and dreams of your team, ultimately allowing deeper connection and opportunities for people to help one another out!

Guinness World Record Attempt 

Dipping into a more experiential space, a specially designed Guinness World Record rallies attendees into a fun and competitive environment aimed at connecting, progressing and having fun with previously discussed keynote topics. 


With a bouquet of bizarre and challenging options to choose from, a Guinness World Record adjudicator can also be on hand to award instant certificate, should your teams think, act and perform well!

#whatsonyourlist Staff Video Diary

Highly entertaining and equally inspiring, this video keepsake captures the moment your staff are asked the main 100 Things keynote question; what's on your list?


Set to music and edited to show that we all have dreams, the #whatsonyourlist Staff Video Diary showcases their answers in a unique video that be used and shared within your community and also externally to clients, customers and friends.

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