Hosted by Sebastian Terry & Todd Duncan, dive into these witty and insightful episodes to hear the other side of the 100things stories from the very people who helped them come to life! 


From Chiaveli, the stranger who agreed to marry Sebastian to help him check off Number 2 from his list; Marry a stranger in Vegas, to Carmen, the stranger who invited him to deliver her baby (Number 23 from his list), and many more, we leave no stone unturned as we shine a light on the most extraordinary of people and their stories. 

Podcast 1

List Item #70

Meet Another Sebastian Terry

Join hosts Sebastian Terry & Todd Duncan on this episode as they dive into #70 on the list 'Meet another Sebastian Terry' and hear how this bizarre meeting of two Sebastians came to be. Learn how their first meeting unfolded, whose idea it really was, and the crazy story behind a trip where they coincidentally saved the lives of a group of boys in India from drowning...  


Podcast 2

List Item #2

Marry a Stranger in Vegas

Flying to Vegas with the mission of finding someone to marry for 24 hours, learn how this crazy story unfolded directly from Sebastian’s Vegas wife, Chiaveli. From being stood up at the alter by a mud wrestling dancer called Crystal.


Podcast 3

List Item #36

Walk Across a Country

If walking across France while pushing a shopping trolley named ‘Trojan’ isn’t a strange enough story to listen to by itself, hear how Seb and his 6’8 mate Matty (aka ‘Treeman’) navigated train tunnels, commandeered a plane and experienced the kindness of complete strangers as they limped from Switzerland to the Atlantic coast of France in just 16 days. 


Podcast 4

List Item #23

Deliver A Stranger's Baby

One of the most outrageous and beautiful experiences from the 100things list, we chat to the world’s most generous mother, Carmen, as she explains why she invited Sebastian to help deliver her baby and the bizarre set of circumstances that led to national TV coverage of this goal. Ten years on from the birth, we also hear from baby Oakley as he meets Sebastian and shares his thoughts.

Podcast 5

List Item #51

Endurance Tandem Bike Ride

From breaking the Guinness World Record for the most amount of eggs crushed in 30 seconds (Number 19 on the list), to dribbling in public and hallucinating while staying awake for 72 hours (Number 72 on the list), be taken on their most ridiculous adventure of cycling a tandem bike from Vancouver to Las Vegas. 

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