The first Friday of every month.


The 100things Fireside ignites an interactive conversation for like-minded goal getters to gather around the fireside and join an insightful chat with Sebastian and our monthly bucket-list topic expert.


From musicians and adventurers, to athletes and leading business people, and many more, we’ll be breaking down how these legends took each step to pursuing their dreams and completing each goal along the way, so that you too can do the same with yours. 

Is ‘Learn an Instrument’, ‘Write a Song’, ‘Start a Band’, ‘Record a Music Video’ or ‘Be a Professional Singer’ on your list?


If so, the first 100things Fireside is for you!

Professional musician and long time friend, EJ Worland, is sitting down with us to share his story of turning his musical ambitions into a reality, from first picking up an instrument to breaking into the LA music scene.


If you have any music-related goals, join the conversation, ask questions and learn from the best so you can leave with new tools and motivation to attack your musical dreams.

He’ll also be performing a few of his originals!

May 1st, 2020

Music Edition

with EJ Worland

June 5th, 2020

Exploration & Adventure Edition

with Justin Jones

Put up the sails, strap on the boots, pack your bag and throw away the map! This adventurous fireside is for the wanders, the dreamers, those looking to climb mountains, cross oceans or complete expeditions.


From paddling a kayak from Australia to New Zealand, to walking to the South Pole unassisted, we’re taking a seat with world conquering adventurer Justin Jones.


Uncovering where his adventurous spirit was born, how he embraced it in a society that told him not to and how he managed to turn his passion into a career, Jonesy tells all and is looking forward to chat to everyone streaming in live with their questions.

Learning to surf is on everyone’s list! And if it isn’t, it’s because you can already do it!


If you dream of jumping in the salty goodness of the ocean and riding endless waves under the summer sun, this 100things Fireside is for you.

Professional surfer and prolific surf coach, Kale Broc, will be joining us to take us through every step of surfing from beginner to advanced.


Sharing his own story on how he developed his skills, from his first wave to his latest barrel, this fireside is designed to help you learn the tips and tricks of how to improve your surf game in and out of the water.

July 3rd, 2020

Surf Edition

with Kale Broc

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